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Official out of character wiki for the Vantage Point RP group! Intended to help keep track of lore and events and stuff.

What is Vantage Point?Edit

Vantage Point is a superhero/sci-fi/cyberpunk roleplay set in the fictional city of El Asilo, California, which is trapped under a dome-shaped force field that people can enter, but not leave. This is the doing of the Vantage Corporation, the evil tech megacorp that controls the city.

Vantage Point is hosted both on Tumblr and on Discord, with each player roleplaying either through in-character Tumblr blogs, in-character instant messaging on either Tumblr or Discord, or longform novella-style roleplays over Google Docs or Discord.

If this sounds interesting, the hub Tumblr has more information, as well as an application form.

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